What were these writers thinking?

For your amusement - some bits and bobs that entertained us while we were out and about. First up, a nice example of bathos, produced, we assume, by a copywriter who was having a bad day. Probably because the client said something like "I'm not keen on the word 'sandwich'. Is there another word we can use?"

Although Tesco's "comestibles" do sound rather more appealing than this. Has Hannibal Lecter opened a restaurant?

Oh dear. Unfortunate line break in the next one. And lack of hyphen. We suspect the copywriter and designer colluded here to tell the world about an annoying client.

A lot of people struggle to distinguish between "its" and "it's". These next people didn't even get it wrong properly.

We love this bit of party political marketing, from an age when people were clearly more deferential to politicians.

We're noticing a worrying trend in which taking a common phrase and reversing it passes for copywriting (also spotted around town: "Believing is seeing"). The results are just a bit baffling.

And here we have another slightly head scratchy bit of copy, this time thanks to some rather pompous language. We're not exactly sure what we're supposed to do with the information.

Yes, like you, we're wondering if the point about this next one is you turn up and the tutor asks you why you're here when you should be working.

And finally, we really think the marketing team of one of the UK's top universities should have run this strap line by a few people before plastering it all over their website and campus.